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The Shape of Things to Come

Fans of Battlestar Galactica

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Fans of Battlestar Galactica
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Welcome to bsgfans! We are an all-inclusive Battlestar Galactica community on Livejournal for the fans, by the fans. Please feel free to read the community information, browse the entries, join, and tell your friends!

» » » About
The purpose of bsgfans is simple: a place for fans of Battlestar Galactica is get together. The community is open for anyone to join and post or just watch and comment. As the unofficial motto of the community goes: the more discussion, the merrier. Episode discussions (weekly and anytime), character profiles, theories, actor talk, polls, favorites/least favorites, trivia, games, icons, graphics, colorbars, fanfictions, images, articles, and news: bsgfans welcomes it all. We strongly encourage interaction among all members of the community, so never be afraid to post. Feel free to post reviews of episodes new and old, start discussions or games, rant about a plot hole, chit-chat about the actors' upcoming movies or appearances, anything BSG-related. Feel free to link to fanfiction or icons, as well as pimp a new BSG community. Also, we use the tags feature here; please use them so members can find your posts in the future.

» » » Spoilers
bsgfans isn't a spoiler-free community since we love discussions and theories, but make sure all spoilery reviews and questions are behind a lj-cut with an appropriate warning label.

» » » Affiliates
brit_bsg (for British BSG fans)
bsg_daily (a daily pictures community)
bsg_graphics (the token community for all graphics)
bsg_rpg (a Battlestar Galactica RPG)
bsg_women (for the women of BSG-verse)
bstg_icontest (the premier BSG icontest)
dr_gaius (for everyone's favorite mad scientist)
frak_buddies (for fans of Tyrol and Helo)
galactica_rpg (long-term RPG)
hidden_elysium (for Helo/Boomer fans)
jamescallis (a James Callis community)
katee_daily (a Katee Sackhoff daily pictures community)
mfthiefofhearts (a Michelle Forbes fan community)
six_decadence (for fans of Number Six)
scifi_exclusive (high quality scifi graphics)
sf_incandescent (a Sci Fi Friday iconest)
triciaislove (a Tricia Helfer community)

» » » Advertising
Please tell your fellow BSG friends about this community! We live off of posts here, so the more members, the merrier (the third unofficial motto). Feel free to hotlink any of these banners for your journal or your userinfo.

Many special thanks go out to j_wap_ah311 for creating the beautiful header and crackified for the mood theme!

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