my ship has two pilots (winegums) wrote in bsgfans,
my ship has two pilots

New Comm Alert!

For anyone who is a fan of Lee Adama and Kara Thrace (and more especially of them together), callmeonetrack and howlinchickhowl present.........reelpilots!

From the comm opening announcement:
Do you see Pilots EVERYWHERE? Do you watch films and think, "You know what would make this better? Pilots!"? Do you long for the chance to make over your favourite movies with a healthy dose of Kara and Lee? Then reelpilots is the place for you.


reelpilots is a comm specifically dedicated to envisioning the possibility of pilots in movie crossovers. We're currently accepting signups from anyone who would like to write a Lee/Kara crossover fic, and deadlines are open till September 5th. And if you can't write, then do come over and read the resulting fics! Find out more here.
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